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Sensory Pre-Handwriting

June 20, 2018

Pre-Handwriting skills are essential for pediatric development. Pre-writing skills are the lines and strokes kids need to master and know BEFORE learning how to print the alphabet. Each of these lines are developed in a sequence, based on how old the child is. Below are some guidelines to know if you need to work on these pre-handwriting skills with your child.

Development Sequence

  1. Vertical Line – (Age 2 imitates, age 3 copies/masters)
  2. Horizontal Line – (Age 2 1/2 imitates, age 3 copies/masters)
  3. Circle Shape – (Age 2 1/2 imitates, 3 copies/masters)
  4. Cross Shape (+) – (Age 3 1/2 imitates, age 4 copies)
  5. Square Shape – (Age 4)
  6. Right/Left Diagonal Line – (Age 4 1/2)
  7. X Shape – (Age 5)
  8. Triangle (Age 5)

In order for the fine motor movements needed for handwriting to develop, a child needs to have a solid base of support, which means strong gross motor skills and movements.

    • A strong core to help them sit upright
    • A strong neck in order to keep the head upright
    • Strong shoulders in order to facilitate arm and wrist movements
    • Strong fingers in order to grasp objects

There are a lot of great activities you can do at the home to help your child develop these skills. One of these activities you can create right out of your pantry! All you need is some rice and food coloring. To make the rice, simply pour a few cups of rice into a plastic bag. Add food coloring and a few drops of water. Seal up the baggie. Shake it, roll it, and toss it to cover the rice with color. This is a fantastic gross motor activity for kids. When the rice is coated with color, spread it out on a paper towel on a counter top and allow it to dry. Once the rice is dry, spread it out on a table surface. Now, start playing! Have the child make shapes, grasp and play with the rice. This activity will help with numerous development skills including but not limited to:

  • Bilateral coordination
  • Hand grasp
  • Pinch strength
  • Dexterity
  • Visual motor integration
  • Finger isolation
  • Tactile tolerance
  • Letter formation
  • Arch development

There are so many ways to use this easy rice table in pre-handwriting activities! The kids will love the open-ended play that doesn’t seem like handwriting practice. Our clinicians have many different activities for children of all ages. If you are looking to help your child develop these skills please reach out to Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare and schedule an evaluation today!

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