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Solace Celebrations | Saeed’s Rapid Progress with Speech Therapy

September 30, 2021
Josh Race

It’s that time again where we introduce one of the many superstar kids we get to work with each and every day! Last time, you met Pearl who was having a blast getting to celebrate all the achievements she was making through verbal cues in occupational therapy. This week we want you to meet Saeed who has been crushing it through his own determination and the help of speech therapy!

Saeed’s motivated progress with speech language sessions

Saeed began receiving speech language services through telemedicine and it has been going great. In less than two months, Saeed has been able to make significant progress in his speech therapy sessions! He started working on the ‘th’ sounds in words and is now able to make the sound in sentences without any issues! He has continuously stayed motivated and engaged in telemedicine. Great work Saeed!

Overcoming articulation issues through speech therapy

When it comes to articulation, some sounds or sometimes even groups of sounds can be a challenge to pronounce correctly for some people, usually children. If this is left untreated, it could make it more difficult for the child to communicate effectively and be understood. With speech therapy, these issues are addressed in a variety of ways that range from working on the sound in isolation to then being able to take the corrected pronunciation into normal speech applications. This is exactly what Saeed has been doing with the ‘th’ sound in his speech therapy sessions!

By utilizing different speech exercises and other methods to work on pronunciation and other related issues, speech therapy will not only help the child overcome any problem spots or sounds but will help them to communicate better overall and with more confidence.

Telemedicine helps families stay consistent with therapy

Telehealth sessions have become an integral way for kids such as Saeed to continue with their progress no matter the situation. Life can sometimes get hectic, busy or unpredictable as other situations outside of our control can occur that might make it difficult for the physical presence of a clinician to be in your home. When things like this happen or schools go remote only, then telehealth is ideal to ensure that there will be no gaps in the continuity of progress for your child. Our expert clinicians are able to provide the same level of care in a telehealth appointment as they would receive in a live in-person session to make sure that your child continues to thrive!

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