Pediatric Nursing

Solace’s team of in-home pediatric occupational, physical and speech language therapists has been working with families since 2005 to nurture and support a child’s development in a compassionate, fun and natural environment that treats each child as an individual. We strive to provide quality services that will help each child reach his or her full potential with minimal disruption to their daily lives and activities.

Home-based care through occupational, physical and speech therapy sessions use evidence-based techniques tailored to meet your child’s needs…with a child-friendly focus. Our pediatric specialized clinicians are part of the continuum of care of doctors, medical specialists, educators and parent/caregiver essential for a child achieving their full potential. By providing one-on-one individual care in your child’s natural environment, we assist in establishing a strong foundation for future learning to give your child the ability to reach their best life.

Our goal is to support you and your family in providing professional clinical evaluations, treatment options, resources and information so you feel empowered to make the best decision for your child and family.

Advantages of Pediatric Home Care

Patient Focused Individualized Care – Comprehensive in-home treatment encourages your family’s participation and educates you on how to incorporate your child’s therapy goals into your everyday activities to continue their development.

Continuity of Care – One-on-one sessions with the same clinician(s) throughout your child’s development. Although we have an extensive team of specialized pediatric clinicians to offer support and expertise, it is important that your child work with the same occupational therapist (OT), physical therapist (PT) or speech therapist (SLP) each week to develop trust and continued growth.

Natural Environment ? Therapy care in the comfort of your home or a known environment increases a child’s comfort and ability to receive the maximum benefit of each visit. Clinicians are able to better understand a child and incorporate the environment in their plan of care and activities.

Convenience – Pediatric specialized therapy provided for your child in your home eliminates the commute time to and from a facility, the hassle of getting your child/children ready and out of the house, planning around a clinic’s schedule, waiting in a facility and exposing your family to a virus or infection. You can schedule your child’s healthcare services around your family’s multiple activities and have the therapy session when you are already planning to be home.

Early Intervention (EI)

Our goal is to support you and your family in providing professional clinical evaluations, treatment options, resources and information so you feel empowered to make the best decision for your child and family.

We know every child is different and develops at their own unique time. However, there are research evidence-based development milestones important to know. Your child’s foundation for life forms in the early years through experiences that drive his or her cognitive, social, and physical growth. The first 3 years of life are a critical time for brain development, especially if a child is delayed or restricted in development. If they need support to develop optimally, we are here to ensure they receive the best foundation possible through pediatric occupational, physical and speech therapy.

If developmental delays are a possibility, the goal is to enhance development, minimize the potential for developmental delay, and help your family meet the special needs of your infants, toddlers and youth.

Early intervention programs are funded by federal, state, and local dollars for those who qualify. Early intervention is a collection of therapy and support services that provide children from birth to 6 years old who have disabilities, or who are at risk for developing them, the help they need to succeed later in life. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) mandates that early intervention programs provide services in the natural environment and within naturally occurring routines and activities of the family’s day. We understand the importance of providing the occupational, physical and speech/language services in the home setting that your child needs to learn and practice a skill.

Solace pediatric clinicians have extensive experience in working with IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan), service coordinators, physicians, educators and families to provide an individualized Plan of Care for each child to meet evidence based goals; as well as your family’s desires, values and culture.

Our occupational, physical and speech therapists work together to help you understand your child’s development and provide specific training to assist you in addressing areas of delay.

Developmental Milestones

Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare provides pediatric occupational, physical, speech-language and nursing services in the home, pre-school or natural setting. We see children from birth that are at risk for, or have documented developmental delays. Our company’s mission is to provide quality services that will help each child reach his or her full potential with minimal disruption to their daily lives and activities.

Children reach milestones in how they play, learn, speak, act and move. Development varies for each child; but the below milestones are the broad guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They can be helpful in understanding what to expect so you can discuss any concerns with your child’s pediatrician.

At Solace, we know that you know your child the best. If you are concerned that there is a problem with the way your child plays, learns, speaks, acts or moves, speak with your child’s pediatrician. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children be screened for general development using standardized, validated tools at 9, 18, and 24 or 30 months and for autism at 18 and 24 months or whenever a parent or provider has a concern. Ask your child’s pediatrician about a developmental screening.

If you or your doctor thinks there might be a delay, either of you may reach out to our team and refer your child for an evaluation with a pediatric therapist.

Developmental Milestones by Age

Colorado Cities & Communities Served

Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare has been providing pediatric occupational, physical and speech-language therapy since 2005 in Denver and surrounding cities. We have over 400 clinicians living throughout in communities all over Colorado. Here is a list of cities and communities we currently provide in-home therapy services:

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