Happy Healthy Earth Day

Happy, Healthy Earth Day Activities

Earth day was a big deal when you were a kid in elementary school, celebrated by doing your part to make an impact through field trips, participation in class projects, watching educational videos, or even planting a tree! As adults, we tend to be too busy to remember to celebrate in the same way, but can easily participate in other ways! Earth day is about taking a moment or two of reflection, and assessing your contribution to making this planet a beautiful and safe place to live. Here are a few ways to recognize and celebrate Earth Day as a busy adult:

  • Educate Yourself: Use this day to figure out what you can do to make the Earth a more livable place.
  • Drink Eco-Friendly Coffee: Reduce your footprint by switching up the way you brew or purchase your coffee. Follow this link to learn eco-friendly ways to enjoy your coffee! 5 Ways to Drink Coffee Like It’s Earth Day Every Day
  • Walk or Bike Places: Give your car a rest and go for a stroll or beautiful bike ride.
  • Plant a tree: Planting trees is important! Trees contribute to our environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. If you would like more information on planting trees or how to contribute to our planet on Earth Day, then just follow this link! OneTreePlanted

Solace is proud to say that we are an organization committed to green values and environmentally sustainable processes, such as using electronic medical records, and now, monitoring our paper usage and offsetting the environmental cost by planting trees in areas facing ecological challenges.

To do this, we partner with a company, called Print Releaf, to reforest the Pine Ridge area in South Dakota. This is the 8th largest Native American Reservation, and has been severely damaged by forest fires and a changing environment. The Pine Ridge Project is not only restoring the land of the Oglala Lakota people, but also provides economic opportunities and job skills to the locals. This is another way we provide solace to those in need!

To learn more about this project, click here!