At Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare, we have been serving the pediatric therapy, special needs and medical community in Colorado for over 15 years. Specializing in providing pediatric therapy to families means we know the importance of meeting the needs of the whole child and family to ensure best quality of life. We provide one on one occupational, physical, speech, language, feeding and swallowing therapy in your home, pre-school, community center, soccer field or any location that supports the best treatment with minimal disruption to your child’s daily life.

Getting Started

We understand evaluating for developmental delays or receiving any diagnosis for your child can seem overwhelming. The first step to making the right choice is finding answers. We will work with you to provide you the evaluation, treatment options and resources to empower you to make the best decision for your child and family.

It is important to remember that you are not alone. You have our amazing team working with you; as well as providing you additional resources and connections.

Evaluation FAQ's

How to start or transfer care:

  • Talk with your physician about developmental concerns you have about your child.
  • Ask your physician for a referral to Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare for an evaluation. If you have a diagnosis or evaluation, ask for referral for ongoing treatment.
  • If you have a diagnosis, you may refer your child to us directly by completing as much of the Patient Referral form on our website. We will contact you and contact your physician on your behalf.
  • We will reach out to your insurance company or Medicaid to research your benefits and let you know if there is any patient responsibility.
  • We will let you know if we are able to accept the referral. If not, we can share with you other options for your child.
  • We will contact you for your time availability and to schedule an evaluation for your child.
  • Your child will be discharged once long term goals have been reached.

Admission and on-going Treatment:

  • After your child’s initial comprehensive evaluation, your therapist discusses the recommended Plan of Care. This process is interactive with the family to ensure the best individualized treatment for your child.
  • The scheduled visits begin immediately once you agree and your physician approves the therapy plan of care.
  • Our team coordinates and communicates with the physician, insurance company and any other care providers through out the entire treatment period.

Your child will have home program to work on throughout the week to support your child.

Admission Documents

Please review the Admission Documents video to prepare for your child’s evaluation. Your clinician will discuss with you and answer any questions.



Resources and Helpful Links

We are committed to helping connect you and your family to valuable resources to meet your needs over the years. That’s why we’ve created a list of websites to connect you to activities, financial, medical, insurance, groups, parents, blogs and other community opportunities and information.


Parent Referral

We know that no one knows your child like you do. Many parents have a concern regarding their child and reach out to our team to refer their child to us for an evaluation. Many of our parents refer their child to us after researching the best occupational, physical or speech therapy for their child when a doctor recommends an evaluation. No matter, how our families learn about receiving in-home therapy from our clinicians, we are here to assist you.

Refer Your Child