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Hand Strengthening Activities

Child Hand Strengthening Activities

April 4, 2018

Many children struggle with weak hand strength, which can affect everything from development to coordination to fine motor skills. Here are a few hand strengthening activities that can easily be done by tracking down a few items that are likely already in your home! Want more ideas? Find them here!

  1. Paper Crumpling: Have your child crumple up sheets of paper into the tightest ball they can. As your child get’s stronger, the ball they are crumpling will get smaller and tighter! Once your child has mastered crumpling with two hands, change the activity to have your child crumple the paper with just one hand.
  2. Squeezing Sponges: Get a sponge wet and let your child squeeze away! This is a great activity for the bath, or on a hot, summer day.
  3. Spray Bottles: Almost all children love using a spray bottle! They provide hours of endless fun while strengthening hand muscles. Fill one to the top with water and encourage kids to water plants, spray an outside wall or create a water picture on the cement.
  4. Scissor Cutting: Start with cutting straight lines, and once those are mastered, encourage your child to cut out shapes and pictures. To add an even bigger emphasis on strengthening hands, have children cut straws, clay or construction paper.

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