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Giving Solace to Children’s Hospital

September 4, 2018

For the month of June 2018, Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare had additional motivation to complete as many therapy visits as possible as we pledged to donate $1.00 for every therapy visit completed during the month to support the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation (link here). In concert with one of our strongest cultural beliefs, “better together,” our Patient Access, Patient Financial Services, Health Information Management, Business Development and Nursing departments along with our 150+ clinicians worked double-time to make the June one of our best months. Their efforts allowed Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare, through the Giving Solace Fund to present an unrestricted gift to Children’s Hospital Foundation in the amount of $11,797. This gift allows Children’s Hospital Colorado to help more children and their families live their best lives!

Solace Giving Back

Solace is known for giving 101% to the Colorado pediatric population every day through commitment to the highest accreditation therapy services, working with families and making a positive impact. We are a company that cares, giving back 1% of our profits to children in our community every year. Solace was built with a grassroots mentality to be the ideal model for healthcare organizations today, by providing the highest level of medical care as well as improving the quality of life for our families. Giving 1% of our profits back to children in our community is one of the many ways we live up to this ideal.

We created the The Giving Solace Fund as a way to pull together philanthropies and community partners dedicated to our shared ideal of giving back to children in need right here in our community. Since its inception, we have been able to partner with amazing groups such as CHC Foundation, LuBird’s Light Foundation which builds accessible playgrounds for children of all needs as well as the Autism Society of Colorado which held their annual Walk with Autism in June at Sloan’s Lake Park. We have also participated and supported other groups such as Autism Climbs, Brent’s Place, Children’s Outreach Project, Craig Hospital, Giving FIrst, Habitat for Humanity, Lupus Foundation, Santa’s Little Helpers, Weld County Food Bank and many more…

In addition to The Giving Solace Fund, our team goes above and beyond every day for the over 2,500 children we serve. Our pediatric occupational, physical, speech and feeding therapists are dedicated professionals known as leading clinicians in their fields. However, equally important, they are passionate about providing each child and family the resources needed to live their best life. This includes building a world around our children that offers better research, treatment, support, activities and opportunities for all.

If you are interested in receiving in-home therapy for your child or working with our team, please go to for more information.

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