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Back to School

September 10, 2018

Some children look forward look forward to the prospect of heading back to school after a long summer to see their friends. However, for some kids, this can be a source of anxiety, especially if it’s their first time going to school (here are some tips for avoiding after-school meltdowns). Here are several ways to prepare your little ones for the coming season.

1. Re-establish Routines

Being successful at school means being able to get proper rest, and that might also mean sleep routines might be adjusted from the summer schedule. WebMD suggests using the last few weeks of blissful summer to get into a “school day rhythm”.

That means your child should get up in time for class, even though the school-year hasn’t started yet. You can also get them into the habit of eating a proper breakfast, which is important for mental and physical functions throughout the day. Make lunchtime at home match the time they’ll be munching lunch between classes.

2. Map Out their Year

In some cases, your child will be able to ride the school bus to the learning institution before class starts, to ease any anxiety of the trip or where to catch their ride. Many schools host open houses to meet teachers (these days are geared towards parents choosing a school, but they’re often helpful to new students as well).

Open houses can help familiarize a child with the layout ahead of time, because unknowns of where their classes are can be nerve-wracking for youngsters. Knowing where to find the office for help, where to store supplies (i.e. a locker), and where the cafeteria is can put them a step ahead of the game.

3. Have the Supplies Ready

Ever had a dream where you go to class, and everyone has a pencil for that big test except for you? In any case, one of the worries of children heading into school is the supplies they’ll need, because they won’t want to be behind other children who did their homework, so to speak.

Find out if there are any special requirements, for instance, do you need a calculator, because using smartphones is sometimes not allowed during class? Also make sure you have backup pens, pencils and a backpack that’s comfortable and in style. Preparing your child for school will help them and you feel ready for the first day!

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